Alpine Package Names

As part of my research work in the Flux Research Group I’ve been working very closely with Alpine Linux. My current project involves translating a bunch of scripts for building a particular Ubuntu image into the same process for an Alpine image. As such, I’ve had the fun of finding packages in Alpine’s apk package manager that are currently being installed through apt-get. This is just a quick post to serve as a reference for inconsistencies I’ve found across the two, and the packages I installed instead.

Ubuntu (16.04) Alpine (3.6)
libtool-bin libtool
libssl-dev openssl-dev
libboost-dev boost-dev
iputils-ping iputils
perl-modules ???
libwww-perl perl-libwww
tcsh tsch@testing*
ksh mksh
brctl bridge-utils

* tcsh is currently only found in the testing branch of apk. You have to add the link to the testing branch to /etc/apk/repositories as described here.

If anyone has any corrections, questions or additions to this short list feel free to reach out to me on twitter or by email.

Written on November 8, 2017